Away from Vegas! (Japan part 1)

The flight was long, but our trip there was fairly comfortable. Our credit card had paid off. It gave us an automatic upgrade from the main cabin, so in our section, we ended up having the entire middle row to ourselves. I had preplanned by loading our luggage with a dozen bowls of instant ramen […]


How to travel to Japan

How to travel to Japan Thinking about traveling to Japan? We had two weeks off, and decided to pursue a lifelong dream – traveling to Japan. It was just enough time to be able to explore and feel immersed in a different culture. We learned a little bit about the wonderful culture and history of […]


Website Launching

I wanted to start off by catching up where many of you last heard from me – in college. I have always enjoyed writing about my experiences in the past. Much of that was lost through the many social media websites that came and left. I’m creating this blog as a permanent space for our […]